JENNIE is a local Beenleigh mover and shaker.

Her involvement in the Beenleigh and Eagleby community has been enormous as she has helped clubs and organisations over many years.Jennie has been a supurb patron for our club - she is ALWAYS more than willing to share her skills and expertise with Brigalow in so many ways. 

Brigalow has every right reason to honour Jennie Breene as our Patron.

She has an excellent reputation around Eagleby and Beenleigh. Her interests for local organisations and residents have been wide ranging and thoughtful - practical and sometimes expensive.

 But Jennie has made so many things happen for people in Eagleby and Beenleigh,  and Brigalow are proud to call Jennie Breene our PATRON.

Without Jennie's  help and support, we would still be conducting our activities under a very hot tin roof - with the summer temperature inside. Now we have a new insulated roof and ceiling because of Jennie Breene.

Under the new roof, ( Jennie moved heaven and earth ) --  so now we have a commercial AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM for our day-time and evening activities and events.

PLUS - we have a very strong commercial quality lino floor for our seating and eating area.


All of these changes showcase Brigalow so well

THANKYOU     JENNIE BREENE   We'll enjoy your company when you visit and we hope you will continue to enjoy ours.