• PENSIONER FAMILY $5 per individual

  • FAMILY $5 per individual.

  • SINGLE $5


    If not included in a family membership


    Brigalow has TEN    LIFETIME MEMBERS    - these memberships were awarded for service to Brigalow.
    Merle Golinski, Max Noble, Max Butler, Lynda Terry, George Anderson, Marlene Noble, Ian Kerr, Jan Easterbrook, Joyce Shipley, Graham Remnant, Jeff Reynolds.

Our MEMBERSHIP FORM is located at the entry desk in the flyers & brochures rack. All individual memberships are $5 for the year.

Just complete a form and give it to a committee member (Max, Graham or Lynda) with the fee.

If you are a NEW MEMBER...

You will be issued a   receipt  for your membership fee, and a membership card will be made for you and returned after processing. (Less than two weeks or on your next visit)

Every membership will EXPIRE ANNUALLY  on 31st August - you will receive a reminder in July.

Renewal of Membership - Complete a form at the club, and again you will receive a receipt for your paid fee, and a new card will be produced for you before your next visit (or within two weeks).



These can be ordered through Lynda (Club Secretary) 

Shirts are $40     Hats are $40 if we order more than one hat with your order.

If you make a single order - a hat is $45  Hats are black, white or purple.