Welcome to Brigalow Country Community Club

We sing and play music. For those who just like to listen, we have that too. Club members are amateurs. We're home grown and just love to enjoy music when we're at club activities or outside events. Our MONTHLY SOCIAL is always on the first Saturday from 6:30pm till late - ALL ARE WELCOME!. The stage sizzles with homegrown country, blues, jazz, rock'n'roll and even gospel music. The crowd laughs and jokes whilst enjoying the relaxed company.

BREAKING NEWS - Country Escape returns for 2021!

Brigalow hosts two "Country Escape" days each month. Click on the COUNTRY ESCAPE page in the menu bar above for all the details.

Max is the Brigalow President. 

Max has led Brigalow from a small group of friends who enjoy company, to our club today in our own music hall with lots of friends, musicians and vocalists - who all happen to love Country Music.

Through Brigalow, Max has also spent years helping those in our community who have fallen on hard times - young and old. Whether it be electric wheelchair scooters, wheelchairs, products to assist the disabled, food, furniture or whitegoods, he's helped local people in need.

We love comedy - and our "Themed Evenings" (socials) are a hoot for our members. It's all about good fun and long held memories. For details and dates, check the SOCIALS page in the menu bar above. 

Come along to our events and have some fun with us .......... "YOU'RE WELCOME"

Some memories of the many Brigalow events while in full swing